Brown Butter Gingersnaps

brown butter gingersnaps 6

Is it freezing over there, too? I’m in a full on tea-and-blanket mode. Obviously what fits to that picture is a plate of cookies. This time I went with a slightly modified classic. These gingersnaps are full of flavor, which is further enhanced by browned butter. I also added more spices than the original recipe called for, and I reduced the amount of sugar, because of course I did. Continue reading

Brown Butter Cocoa Coffee Cookies


Anyone else can’t wait till August? It seems like all the fun stuff planned for this summer will be happening then. My brothers wedding, a couple of parties, a visit from my best friend, my move to Vietnam.. Everything will happen very quickly. But for now, I’m just sitting at home, going through my favorite recipes, trying to decide what to bake next. Continue reading