Chocolate Yogurt Cookies


I remember that I came up with this recipe the day before I left Poland to go to Vietnam. I wanted to bake something in the evening, but we also didn’t feel like leaving the house to buy any products, so I had to work with whatever we had already. I think the result was pretty good. Continue reading

Brown Butter Cocoa Coffee Cookies


Anyone else can’t wait till August? It seems like all the fun stuff planned for this summer will be happening then. My brothers wedding, a couple of parties, a visit from my best friend, my move to Vietnam.. Everything will happen very quickly. But for now, I’m just sitting at home, going through my favorite recipes, trying to decide what to bake next. Continue reading

Peanut Butter-Swirled Strawberry Cake (and.. Hi.)

Welcome to One Bowl Brownies, my own little corner of the Internet.

It’s my first post, so I think I should introduce myself before getting to the good stuff. My name is Justyna, I’m from Poland and I’m a student and an occasional teacher. I’ve been baking for a couple of years now and I wanted to start my own blog for quite some time. I’m so glad I’ve finally managed to do that!

I’ve been thinking whether to write in English or Polish for a while and I’ve decided to do both. So, my ramblings will be mostly in English, but the recipes will be in both languages. Hopefully that’ll work for everybody.

Przepisy po polsku będę zawsze umieszczać na dole wpisu, także jeśli kogoś nie interesują moje chaotyczne myśli, zachęcam do przewijania w dół.

Anyway, on to the recipe, shall we?


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